- Government

Evangelical Presbyterian is governed by the Session of Elders, often just called The Session. The Session is made up of the Pastor, along with nine men and women elected by the membership of the church on account of their love for Christ and the maturity of their faith. The Pastor (also called the Teaching Elder) does not have greater authority than the others (often called Ruling Elders). The Pastor may have greater influence on account of their teaching office, but their vote carries the same weight as that of the other Elders. The Session is responsible for, and has authority over, the entire mission and government of Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Milford.

Under the authority of the Session of Elders is a Board of Deacons. The Deacons minister to those at EPC who are sick or in need, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond our church body. The Board is made up of twelve men and women who, like the Elders, have been elected by the membership of the church on account of their love for Christ, the maturity of their faith, and their particular gifts for shepherding and caregiving.

At Evangelical Presbyterian, there is some authority that rests with the entire congregation-at-large alone: Only the whole church can elect Elders and Deacons; only the whole church can call a pastor, change the pastor’s salary, hire associate pastors, and end the pastoral relationship; and, only the entire congregation can authorize the purchase, mortgaging, or selling of the church real estate.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Milford, PA