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Evangelical Presbyterian Church is used nearly every day and evening for various church and community meetings. If you wish to use the church for any reason, please contact the Church Office (296-4711; firstpc@ptd.net) first to make arrangements and/or to receive a copy of our Building Use Request and Policies. This will ensure that the date you have planned is available and that approval for your event is received if needed.

This applies to:

  • All meetings
  • Youth Group and Sunday School events
  • Work projects
  • Personal parties and get togethers

This also applies to the use of The Manse and the church grounds.

Please be aware that even if verbal approval has been given by a church officer you must also contact the Office for scheduling on the calendar before your event is approved.

And please remember that you are responsible for cleaning up immediately after your meeting/event/project as there may be another event scheduled right after yours. Thank you!!


Dear Ministry Workers and Leaders:

After years of prayer, discussion, study, and research the Session of Elders has decided to require criminal background checks be done on all those who serve in any of our Youth and Children’s Ministries. We have made this decision for the following reasons:

  • Because, as a people forgiven and made new in Jesus Christ, we believe that those of us who have been involved in activities that would be reported by a criminal background should be willing and not fear to have the Teaching and Ruling Elders – to whom we have entrusted the welfare of our souls – know about any such activities;
  • Because, as a people forgiven and made new in Jesus Christ, we believe that our old offenses no longer define us, and so willingly subject ourselves to whatever consequences the Elders would require, trusting that such consequences would not be required as judgement or punishment but as an aspect of their responsibility before God to wisely shepherd those both weak- and strong-in-the-faith among this congregation of which we are a part;
  • Because, as a people forgiven and made new in Jesus Christ, we choose to humble ourselves to the wisdom God has given the Elders as one way of acknowledging the cleverness of God’s enemy – the Devil – and the Devil’s hatred of and desire to destroy each of us individually and Christ’s church as a whole, as well as of acknowledging the reality of our human shortsightedness and weaknesses; and,
  • Because, as a people forgiven and made new in Jesus Christ, we believe the security of the children and teens the Lord has entrusted to us in our membership and ministries is more precious than the reputations of our ministry workers and leaders, and, as ministry workers and leaders ourselves, we choose to follow Jesus and lay down our lives and put our reputations at risk for the sake of the “least of these” among us.

We are grateful for your willingness to pursue Christ’s calling into ministry among the youth and children here at Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Know that only the Church Secretary, Pastor, and Elders will view these criminal background checks and that we take seriously our responsibility for safeguarding your and each other’s reputations and privacy.

Criminal Background Check Form

Child Abuse History Clearance

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Milford, PA